Apple Tree

Malus Domestica




Ligol - this is a Polish early fruiting variety that yields abundantly and rather alternately. The fruits are large or very large, with a regular spherical-conical shape, and clearly ribbed at the calyx. The yellowy/green skin is quite thick and shiny. Most of the surface is decorated with a bright red, fuzzy blush. With undoubtedly delicious flesh which could be described as delicate, juicy, sweet/sour and aromatic.


The tree is best planted in a sunny position. It grows well in fertile, sandy-loam soil which is moderately moist, and has an optimum pH in the range of 6,2-6,7.

To stimulate future growth the tree should be pruned in the first year immediately after planting. Formative pruning should be executed on the main stem 20 cm above where the planned future branches will grow. The other branches should also be cut, reducing their length by one third. The best time to prune the apple tree is annually in the spring. Ligol pollination requires the presence of other varieties flowering at the same time. Best results can be achieved by planting with varieties Elise, Elstar, James Grieve, Gala, Gloster, Golden Delicious, Idared, Jester, Lobo, Lodel, Pilot, Pinova, Rubin, Szampion, Witos.
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