Japanese honeysuckles

Lonicera Japonica


Japanese honeysuckles- this is a highly decorative climber with partially evergreen leaves and beautiful cream/white fragrant flowers. The flowers are large, tubular with the outside edges curling outwards. An additional decoration of the Japanese honeysuckle is the black, spherical fruits that appear on the stems in late autumn. Japanese honeysuckle grows very fast (grows 1-2 meters per year), in good conditions even reaching 6-10 m in height.


Honeysuckle grows well in sun or semi-shade. The plant prefers fertile and moist loamy soils, with a pH of neutral to slightly alkaline.

For the first 2-3 seasons, young and immature not very bushy plants should have 1/3 of the length of shoots cut. Pruning should be carried out in early spring. Older specimens may be bear at the bottom - in this case, to rejuvenate, cut the oldest shoots just above the ground.
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